Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Leaking Carb

I got a pretty interesting question this morning from one of the rocket scientists. Seems the carburetor on his 1962 Falcon is leaking and someone told him to use epoxy to fix it. I told him that fixing it was a right good idea, but I wasn't sure about epoxy.

He is restoring the Falcon and is up to about $7000 so far and from what I remember, Falcons had a bad habit of catching on fire from gas leaks. I would either fix the leak or get a new carb.

$7000 on a Falcon?

Luther here--I seem to recall a certain person who had a brand new Falcon and the door come off of it. Anyway, what I dont understand is why people spend so much moeny on stuff like this old Falcon, and then bawk at buying something to fix it thats not all tore up. Why try to glue the carb when you can just go get one--if he's spent that much, he could get a brand new old stock carb and not really be out that much more. Or get something from a junk yard that ain't cracked. People are strange.

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