Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Braindead and Other Oddities

I tried to log on to post and discovered that I couldn't remember the name or password I use. I had to call Luther and ask him. I'll never hear the last of that. I can just hear the comments about getting old and forgetful.

The reason for the post is I checked our email aand we have arrived in the larger Internet world. We received a letter from Nigeria offering us millions in misplaced funds. I read the missive carefully just in case there was an automotive or philosophy related question not wanting to miss the chance to help out a Nigerian as much as I could. Alas, there were no such questions.

Don't feel bad... I can't remember mine either.
Maybe with all this internet money we can hire someone to write this stuff for us and we won't have to relie on ourselfes.
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