Friday, December 23, 2005


Merry Christmas

Luther here--I just wanted to say to all of you church people who drop by to have you a merry Christmas, and for the Jewish folks to have a merry Hannikah. To Mr. Riperty, I am sorry, but the main bering set we ordered for your Fiat is the wrong one and we'll have to get them to send us another one so it should only be another couple of months. To Ricky at the county maintinennce department, I wish yall would fix this hole out in front of the shop. To Miss Inez, thank you for the friut cake it is very good. To Tie Rod, I hope you have a merry Christmas, and a happy new Year, too, and I wuouldn't let that place on your hand where you hit it with the plyers get infected. To Cletus, thank you for letting me dispinse car advise on here with you and have a MErry Chrismas and I hope you like the friut cake I got you and I'am sorry there is a peice missing.

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