Friday, December 23, 2005


Merry Christmas

Luther here--I just wanted to say to all of you church people who drop by to have you a merry Christmas, and for the Jewish folks to have a merry Hannikah. To Mr. Riperty, I am sorry, but the main bering set we ordered for your Fiat is the wrong one and we'll have to get them to send us another one so it should only be another couple of months. To Ricky at the county maintinennce department, I wish yall would fix this hole out in front of the shop. To Miss Inez, thank you for the friut cake it is very good. To Tie Rod, I hope you have a merry Christmas, and a happy new Year, too, and I wuouldn't let that place on your hand where you hit it with the plyers get infected. To Cletus, thank you for letting me dispinse car advise on here with you and have a MErry Chrismas and I hope you like the friut cake I got you and I'am sorry there is a peice missing.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005


I Come From Alabama With a Banjo Housing on my Knee

Luther here--it looks like our newfangeled e-mail question line is working now. We got this question a coupel of days back and now that we got rid of that problem with that Puegot we had in here, we have some time to answer back. Here goes:
Hey Luther either..... I have a old studebaker that has a crack in the banjo head rear end, and it won't hold much grease at a time. I drive it about ten miles, it seizes up and I stop and fill the rear end again. I have tried to find another one to replace it (rear end not the car) an I can't find one any where. I have tried silver solder... black tar and even chewin gum but when the stuff gets hot it falls out. What can I plug that thing with. I have thought about shootin' it but it ain't a horse. I wish it was so I could. Mason D
I guess everyone has a blog now.

Anyways, I think if your loosing that much oil out of the rear end, you have got a bigger problem than any crack. You might be seeing a crack and filling it up with stuff, but if you loose a whole diff's worth of fluid every few miles, youv'e got a bigger leak somewhere else that you CAIN'T see.

Second part of the problem is that you have to reweld any cracks you find, and not with JB Weld, but with real welding. It is never a good idea to fix any sort of driveline or suspension cracks yourself--take it to a reputable axel shop and let them do it right.

Finaly, I will despute with you about not being able to find the right rear end for it. We don't make no money from advertising for E-Bay Motors, but I tell you right now, it is just about the best place to find obsilete car parts, right after Hemmings. If you search on Studebaker, you get a lot of results, and even if someone doesn't have an axle right off, it pays to check every so often until you find one, or find a parts car. Also, be sure to check your Hollander book--there are probaly several differant housings that could interchange with yours, and junkyards have gotten all high tech to day too and can get stuff pretty quick.

Finally, remember that there are allways all kinds of people who specielize in old car parts--one good place for Studabeker parts is Studebaker International, and another is Stephen Allen's Studebaker place, which does have several different varietys of chunks for you to look at. (And again, thay haven't payed us to give their names.)

So to rap up--don't drive it until you get it fixed or replaced, and don't give up on finding a replacment housing.

Cletus here: Luther got that one pretty good. As far as philosophy goes, I think this fall is the category of doing what is necessary to fix it even if it means using a Chevy rearend. I know that is practically Satan worship but you gotta do what you gotta do.

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